There are many different types of wildlife one might encounter in the Denver area, despite the ever growing urban aspect of the city. Commonly seen wildlife can include Canadian geese, coyotes, prairie dogs and squirrels and many more. Animals are extremely adaptable creatures, this being a necessary trait for animals who live around the ever growing city of Denver. Some wildlife will of course be impacted, even displaced, by the growth of the city, while some animals will adapt well to the urban areas. It is important to conserve as much of the natural wildlife as possible by practicing humane squirrel removal denver methods in urban areas like Denver so that the animals can live on for years to come.

Canadian Geese

Canadian geese are one wildlife species that are commonly encountered in Denver. These beautiful birds can weigh up to 25 pounds and are drawn to areas where Kentucky blue grass and ponds or lakes are readily available to them. The geese feed on the grass and prefer easy access to bodies of water where they have an open view all around them to watch for predators.

Residents of Denver may inadvertently create the perfect habitat for the geese by using Kentucky blue grass for their lawns or having ponds in their neighborhoods or backyards. While these birds are not actually dangerous, they can be destructive to lawns, gardens and property. The geese like to feed on short grass, such as that of residential lawns, and a backyard pond could serve as the perfect habitat for the Canadian Geese. If someone is looking for a way to deter or get rid of the geese that may be trying to move in, there are plenty of options to get the job done safely and humanely for the sake of the animals.

geeseStep one would be to reduce available food sources. Since geese prefer short, manicured lawns to feed on, it is a good idea to keep the grass a bit longer in order to deter the birds. Using fencing and barriers to keep the geese away from water sources is also a great way to deter them. If there is no easy access to water, the geese will be less inclined to stick around. By using metallic pinwheels, streamers or noisemakers to startle the geese will also keep them away effectively. The removal, whether humane or lethal, or relocation of the geese is not an option. These birds are protected by the government and even if it were possible to remove them, if the landscape stays the same, the birds will eventually come back. It is best to either accept them and live in harmony, or to do your best to deter them and make your home as uninviting to them as possible.